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Revolving Doors Agency

Charity number: 1030846

Medical Research Scotland

As an independent Scottish medical research charity, we are committed to supporting promising young people wishing to pursue a career in biomedical research.  We know we make a difference to them and also to the...

Charity number: SC014959

Renfrewshire Women's Aid

Charity number: SC005928

Sight Support Ryedale

Charity number: 1089633

Sighthill Youth Centre

Charity number: SC015191

Vision For The Future

Charity number: 1098115

Barchester Health Care Foundation

Charity number: 1083272

The Serenitas Foundation

Charity number: 1138765

Ciaran Buckley Trust

Charity number: 1117246

Deaf And Blind Aid Lanka

Charity number: 1123487

T F C Frost Charitable Trust

Charity number: 256590

T J Crow Psychosis Trust

Charity number: 1054609

Somerset Bowel Cancer Support Group

Charity number: 1117666

Berkshire County Blind Society

Charity number: 1146413

The Cecchetti Society Trust

Charity number: 275548

The Cecil Bell House Trust

Charity number: 1085128

Womancare Global International

Charity number: 1138896

Claro Enterprises

Charity number: 1000903

Abdo Research Fund

Charity number: 1157261

Abdon Village Hall

Charity number: 522472

Royal National Institution for the Blind (RNIB)

The Royal National Institute of Blind People is a leader in the provision of information, guidance and backing to people who are visually impaired and blind. Their vast operation includes pushing for the best available...

Charity number: 226227

The Al Hasan Foundation

Charity number: 1116016


Charity number: 1020073

Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health

Charity number: 1091156

Bangladeshi Mental Health Forum

Charity number: 1128579

International Glaucoma Association

Glaucoma is a leading cause of preventable blindness in the UK. Many people over 40 are still unaware of the risks of glaucoma and up to 1 in 50 are losing sight every day without...

Charity number: 274681, SC041550

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