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John Lewis Finance - Pet Insurance

Pet insurance helps protect you from unexpected vet bills. It will usually pay for things like consultations, treatments, complementary therapies and even some special diets.Each year more advanced tests and comprehensive treatments become available from vets. This is good news for our valued pets, but it does mean that the cost of caring for cats and dogs is rising.Paying a small amount each month for insurance could mean you could be protected from these expenses, while your pet is taken care of.

John Lewis Finance - Pet Insurance Donation Rates

  • £5.00 New Cat Insurance Policy - Essential
  • £7.00 New Cat Insurance Policy - Plus
  • £9.00 New Cat Insurance Policy - Premier
  • £8.00 New Dog Insurance Policy - Essential
  • £9.00 New Dog Insurance Policy - Plus
  • £12.00 New Dog Insurance Policy - Premier
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