Up to £23.75 Donations

Scottish Friendly

Scottish Friendly are one of the UK's leading mutuals with over 150 years experience. At Scottish Friendly, you'll find people who are enthusiastic about saving and investing, professional when it comes to investing your money and helpful in the service they provide. Their history is no guide to future performance.

Scottish Friendly Donation Rates

  • £7.50 Child Flexible Plan
  • £23.75 My Fund Options (New ISA)
  • £23.75 My Junior ISA
  • £23.75 My Loyalty Select (New ISA)
  • £23.75 My MoneyBuilder (New ISA)
  • £23.75 My Select (New ISA)
  • £23.75 My Team Select (New ISA)
  • £23.75 Scottish and Child Bonds
  • £12.50 Tax-Free Flexible Plan
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Terms and Conditions

For Child Flexible Plans, 2 monthly instalments are required for a donation to be made. My Select ISAs, My Fund Options ISAs, My Select Team ISAs, My Loyalty Select ISAs and My Junior ISAs have to be open for at least 30 days with £50 invested.Donations may only apply to the sale price and not include VAT, delivery and other such costs. Please do not use voucher codes from other websites as this may affect your donation.